Twilight Records is an independent argentinian label founded in 1998 by Gabriel Carbone.
They began with a radio show on a very important radio station, then organized show for international bands from the gothic scene and finally founded the record label. They started very slow, but now we are working very hard to sign important and new bands to bring their music to an international level.
Twilight records is not only a label, is a passion ...


Ecodalia Time Has Told ‎(CD, Album) TW1.01 1998
Kutna Hora Will Or Nothing ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) TW1.02 2002
Lamia Dark Angel ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.03 2002
Kutna Hora Will Or Nothing ‎(CD, Album) AMD 007 2003
Ancient Tales Broken Pictures ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.04 2003
NeKrodamus Malfeitor ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.05 2003
In My Rosary Under The Mask Of Stone ‎(CD, Album, RE, Ltd) TW 1.06 2003
Chrisallys Reborn ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.07 2003
Lamia Carnival Of Lust ‎(CD, EP, Ltd, Dig) TW 1.08 2004
Carnalia Dirty Days ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.09 2004
Kirlian Camera Pictures From Eternity - Bilder Aus Der Ewigkeit (Argentina Version) (Album) TW1.10 2008
In My Rosary Farewell To Nothing ‎(CD, Album, RE) TW 1.11 2005
Tempesta Noire The Path ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, RM) TW 1.12 2005
Kutna Hora Obsession, Faith, Perseverance ‎(CD, Album, Dig) TW 1.13 2005
Pimentola MM-MMV ‎(CD, Comp, Ltd) TW 1.14 2005
Pimentola Pimentola ‎(7", EP, Ltd, Num) TW 1.15 2005
Vigilante The Heroes' Code ‎(CD, Album, Enh) TW 1.16 2005
Storm Of Capricorn Retours Des Tranchées ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, Dig) TW 1.17 2005
The Frozen Autumn Is Anybody There? ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.21 2005
Cawatana / Storm Of Capricorn Through Silver Shadows / Storm Of Capricorn ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.18 2006
Camerata Mediolanense Πανκρατιον ‎(CD, Comp) TW 1.19 2006
The Soil Bleeds Black Alchemie ‎(CD, Album, RE, RM) TW 1.20 2006
Kirlian Camera Erinnerung ‎(CD, RE) TW 1.22 2006
Stalingrad Court-Martial ‎(CD, Album, RE, Ltd, RM) TW 1.23 2006
Endraum In Flimmernder Nacht... ‎(CD, RE, Album, Dig) TW 1.24 2006
Lucus Cantiones Filicatae ‎(CD, Album, Dig) TW 1.25 2006
Rising Shadows Falling Deep Within ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.26 2006
NeKrodamus A Brave Dawn ‎(CD, Album, Dig) TW 1.28 2006
Luna In Cælo Urdimbre ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.29 2006
The Royal Dead Phantasmagoria ‎(CD, Album, Enh) TW 1.32 2006
Melmoth Living For The Kingdom's Will ‎(CD, Album, Dig) TW 1.34 2006
Stillife Remembrance & Memories ‎(CD, Album, RE + CD, Comp, RE + , Comp) TW 1.30 2007
Hopeless Believe ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.31 2007
Ghosts Of Breslau Peste ‎(CD, Album, RE, Ltd) TW 1.33 2007
Ghosts Of Breslau And Should The Spring Come... ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) TW 1.35 2007
Ataraxia La Malédiction D'Ondine (Album) TW 1.36 2007
Krepulec / Outofsight Furious Friends ‎(CD, Ltd, RE, Album) TW 1.37 2007
Kirlian Camera Schmerz ‎(CD, Ltd, RE) TW 1.38 2007
Kirlian Camera Schmerz ‎(CD, RE) TW 1.39 2007
Replica Languages Of Decay ‎(CD, Album, Dig) TW 1.40 2007
The Evpatoria Report Golevka ‎(CD, Album, RE, Dig) TW 1.41 2008
Dark Awake Meseonas ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.43 2008
Ophelia's Dream All Beauty Is Sad (Album) TW 1.44 2012
Ataraxia Nosce Te Ipsum ‎(CD, Album, RE, RM) TW 1.45 2008
Kuu Suomi Or The Well Of Impossible Wishes ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.46 2008
Horologium Le Paradis Des Chasseurs ‎(CD, Comp) TW 1.47 2008
Pieter Nooten Collected ‎(CD, Comp) TW 1.49 2008
Ghosts Of Breslau Sacred Place ‎(CD, Comp) TW 1.50 2008
Krepulec Martial Industrial Power With Parabellum In The Hand ‎(CD, Comp) TW 1.51 2008
Whispers Of Ghosts The Coldest Place ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.52 2008
Exemtum Exemtum ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.53 2008
Rising Shadows Found In The Cold ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.54 2008
Replica Languages Of Decay ‎(CD, Album) SPR 092 2009
The Soil Bleeds Black The Knightly Years ‎(CD, Comp) TW 1.48 2009
Oda Relicta Leper Mass ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) TW 1.55 2009
Kazeria [KZ] Credo Nostrvm ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.56 2009
Chrisallys Sacred Fire ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.57 2009
Opus Nigrum Journey In The Dark ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.58 2009
Skrol New Laws / New Orders ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.59 2009
The Frozen Autumn Fragments Of Memories ‎(CD, Album, RE) TW 1.60 2009
Static Movement Visionary Landscapes ‎(CD, Album, RE, Dig) TW 1.61 2009
Quimera Music Love And Madness ‎(CD, Album, Dig) TW 1.62 2009
Ataraxia Concerto No. 6: A Baroque Plaisanterie ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, RE, RM) TW 1.63 2009
Hidden Place Punto Luce ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.64 2009
NeKrodamus A Brave Dawn ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) TW 1.65 2009
The Frozen Autumn Pale Awakening ‎(CD, Album, RE) TW 1.66 2009
Jarboe Alchemic ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.67 2009
Oda Relicta Holy Alliance ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) TW 1.68 2010
The Frozen Autumn Seen From Under Ice ‎(2xDVD-V, PAL) TW 1.69 2010
Barbarossa Umtrunk Agharti ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) TW 1.70 2010
Theodor Bastard Beloe: Hunting For Fierce Beasts ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.71 2010
NeKrodamus Brainwashers ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.72 2010
Ataraxia Lost Atlantis ‎(CD, Album, RE, RM) TW 1.73 2010
Ataraxia Saphir ‎(CD, Album, RE, RM, Dig) TW 1.74 2010
Dawn & Dusk Entwined Vanitas Vanitatum ‎(CD, RE, Album) TW 1.75 2010
Hard To Be A God Perfection Is Not A Human Condition ‎(CD, Album, Dig) TW 1.77 2010
Fear Of Eternity Light Of The Night ‎(CD, Album, Dig) TW 1.76 2011
Rising Shadows Finis Gloriae Mundi ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.78 2011
Dawn & Dusk Entwined Recollection 1994-1999 ‎(CD, Comp, Album, RM) TW 1.79 2011
Distant Project Stars ‎(CD, Comp, Car) TW 1.80 2011
Hidden Place Weather Station (Early Works) ‎(CD, Album, RE) TW 1.81 2011
Aythis The New Earth ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.82 2011
Hidden Place Fantasia Meccanica ‎(CD, Album, RE) TW 1.83 2011
Aura Noctis Itineris I ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.84 2011
Ataraxia Simphonia Sine Nomine ‎(CD, Album, RE, RM, Dig) TW 1.85 2011
The Soil Bleeds Black Quintessence ‎(CD, Album, Dig) TW 1.86 2011
Babylonia Motel La Solitude ‎(CD, RE) TW 1.87 2011
Lethian Dreams Just Passing By...And Unreleased Requiems ‎(CD, Comp) TW 1.88 2011
Oda Relicta Lux Aeterna ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) TW 1.89 2011
Lakeside X Sunrise ‎(CD, Album, RE) TW 1.90 2011
Vir Martialis Metapolemos - The Metaphysics Of War ‎(CDr, Album) TW 1.91 2011
Raven Wings Necessary Illusions ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.92 2011
Le Revers Sanglant Un Combat Perdu D'Avance ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.97 2011
Stricta Doctrina Stricta Doctrina ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.98 2011
Wolf & Winter When The Cold Earth Rests In Silence ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.93 2012
Distant Project Extraordinary ‎(CD, Album, Dig) TW 1.94 2012
Kraschau Offenbarung ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.95 2012
Ataraxia Mon Seul Désir + Des Paroles Blanches ‎(CD, Album, Comp, RE, RM, Dig) TW 1.96 2012
Kazeria Liber Corvus ‎(CD, Album, + v) TW 1.99 2012
Hyperborei Terrae Incognitae ‎(CD) TW 1.100 2012
Vir Martialis Metapolemos II - The Spiritual Aesthetics Of War ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.101 2012
David Galas The Happiest Days Of My Life ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.102 2012
David Galas The Ghosts Of California ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.103 2012
Kazeria Discipline Of The Shadows ‎(CD, Album, RE, + v) TW 1.104 2013
Le Revers Sanglant Le Sang ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.105 2013
Arkane Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction ‎(CD, Album, Dig) TW 1.106 2013
Fear Of Eternity The Evocation Of The Unseen ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.107 2013
Ataraxia The Moon Sang On The April Chair ‎(CD, Album, RE, RM, Dig) TW 1.108 2013
Turnavel Unbewusste ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.109 2013
Glasnost Mirror ‎(300xCD, Alb) TW 1.110 2013
LastraX Shape Your Destiny ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.111 2013
Barbarossa Umtrunk La Fraternité Polaire ‎(CD, Album, Dig) TW 1.112 2013
Mellonta Tauta Rainbow Melodies ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.113 2013
Anything Box Recovered 1993-1995 ‎(CD, Comp, Ltd, RE, Dig) TW 1.114 2013
Anything Box Worth ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, RE) TW 1.115 2013
Anything Box Hope ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, RE) TW 1.116 2013
Anything Box Volume One ‎(CD, Comp, Ltd) TW 1.117 2013
Kraschau Falanx ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.119 2013
Öröm 8 ‎(CD, Dig) TW 1.121 2013
Hard To Be A God And Suddenly Problems Appeared ‎(CD, Album, Dig) TW - I.118 2013
AEAEA Drink The New Wine ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.120 2014
Oda Relicta The Crown & The Plough (Album) TW 1.122 2014
Circuncelion Carved In Waters ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.123 2014
Ataraxia Paris Spleen ‎(CD, Album, RE, Dig) TW 1.124 2014
Ordo Equilibrio Reaping The Fallen The First Harvest ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, Num, RE) TW 1.125 2014
Ordo Equilibrio The Triumph Of Light And Thy Thirteens Shadows Of Love ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, Num, RE) TW 1.126 2014
Ordo Equilibrio Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, Num, RE) TW 1.127 2014
Day Before Us Crystal Sighs Of A Broken Universe ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) TW 1.128 2014
Godless Procession Godless Procession ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, Num, RE) GMR012 2015
Sorry, Heels The Accuracy Of Silence ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, Num) GMR013 2015
Double Echo La Danza ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) GMR014 2015
Various Estigmas - The Short Movie & Music Compilation ‎(CD, S/Edition + DVD-V, Est) TW 1.129 2015
Oda Relicta Straw Bells ‎(CD, Album, Comp, Ltd) TW 1.134 2015
Of Darkness Tribute To Krzysztof Penderecki - Passio Et Mors Domini Nostri Jesu Christi Secundum Lucam ‎(CD, Album) TW 1.135 2015
Ataraxia Oil On Canvas Vol. 2 ‎(CD, Comp, Ltd) TW 1.136 2015
Various THE GRAAL - A tribute to the Holy Grails ‎(CD, Comp) TW 1.138 2015
Remete Odabenn ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) TW 1.139 2015



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